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Tuesday, 3.10.2020 - Friday, 3.13.2020: 09.00 am - 5.00 pm

Saturday, 3.14.2020: 09.00 am - 3.00 pm

Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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On expansion course

As of 2019, we have been manufacturing coolers for the world market in our new 9,000 square metre production facility in Jiaxing, 100 kilometres southwest of Shanghai. From the very beginning we have done so on a large scale: our goal is to process approximately 200 tons of aluminium monthly into high-performance cooling systems in the shape of MMC coolers for utility vehicles or as oil/air coolers in stationary hydraulic applications. 

We will be in a position to commence series as well as small batch production in this plant using highly automated processes and, as a consequence, with consistently high-quality. A quality prerequisite is the close cooperation between design engineers at KTR headquarters in Rheine and our manufacturing specialists in Jiaxing. The engineering of the coolers takes place in Rheine as previously – be that for customized or standard solutions. Manufacturing takes place exclusively in Jiaxing. Meanwhile we produce in Jiaxing combi-coolers in series for reputable German construction machinery and engine manufacturers.

KTR USA has been delivering solutions to the fluid power, OEM engine, and engine distributor markets for over six years. Seeking a standard hydraulic oil cooler solution or a more complex and fully assembled Combi Cooler, KTR US can distribute finished goods DIRECT TO YOU, from the Michigan City, Indiana facility. KTR is a worldwide organization that can offer product support worldwide.

oil/air cooler type OAC eco by KTR Systems
Oil/air cooler type OPC by KTR Systems

Torque increase

Years of experience with applications at customer sites and additional test series in the KTR test field in Rheine enabled us to determine potentials allowing for an increase of the rated torques with some sizes of this series:

  • BoWex FLE-PAC

flange coupling BoWex FLE-PAC with torque increase by KTR Systems


  • Maintenance-free due to material combination nylon/steel PAC flange with high mechanical strength
  • PAC flange with high mechanical strength
  • Excellent resistance to wear with high load
  • Flange dimensions acc. to SAE or as special design without extra adapter
  • Torques from 240 to 6,000 Nm


  • to connect flywheels to I. C.-engines and hydraulic pumps


  • Highly flexible flange coupling with SAE and special flange dimensions
  • Damping of torsional vibrations
  • Compensation for misalignments on driving and driven side
  • Axial plug-in without additional screwing
  • Available in hardness 40, 50, 65 and 70 Shore A


  •  For drives subject to torsional vibrations





flange coupling MONOLASTIC with torque increase by KTR Systems


  • Single-piece, flexible flange coupling
  • Available in different shore hardnesses
  • Axial plug-in in connection with pump spline shaft
  • Available for SAE and DIN pump spline shafts Available with 3-hole and SAE mounting


  • For the drive of diesel engine/hydraulic pump up to 300 kW




Wheel loaders for manifold applications

The eye-catching weycor wheel loaders by Atlas Weyhausen are used in construction industry, agriculture, garden and landscaping, materials handling or recycling. Currently the portfolio includes 16 different types of wheel loaders with standard shovel capacities from 0.32 m³ to 2.5 m³ and an engine power from 33,5 HP (24.6 kW) to 218 HP (160 kW). Having a service weight of 7,000 kg and a shovel capacity up to 1.5 m3, type AR530 is one of the medium size types in the portfolio. The wheel loader is equipped with a water-cooled 4-cylinder DEUTZ engine series TCD 3.6 L4 High Torque with 3.6 litres capacity and a maximum power of 55 kW.

KTR was charged with selecting the cooling system. A triple-circuit combined cooler type MMC is used for cooling charge air, cooling water and hydraulics. Another KTR component is mounted on the flywheel side. Here a BoWex flange coupling type FLE-PAC connects the flywheel to the hydraulic pump. The curved-tooth gear coupling serves for compensating for the displacement in the drive train. Subject to its high torsion spring stiffness it prevents critical resonances in addition, thus significantly contributing to protecting the adjacent components and the overall power pack.



Copyright Atlas Weyhausen and KTR

graphic weycor wheel loaders by Atlas Weyhausen
weycor-Radlader with KTR triple-circuit combined cooler type MMC and BoWex flange coupling
torsionally rigid flange couplinjg BoWex FLE-PAC by KTR Systems
combined cooler cooling system MMC by KTR Systems

Sturdy material handlers for demanding materials handling tasks

SENNEBOGEN material handlers are designed for manifold applications and available with modular undercarriage solutions (mobile, crawler, stationary, rail and optionally heightened with pylon). With equipment lengths up to 40 m, numerous attachments and quick-coupling systems the machines are extremely versatile. All types are optionally available with either diesel engine or electrohydraulic drive. 

In the different variants with I. C.-engine a KTR coupling type BoWex FLE-PAC combines an engine with a hydraulic pump. The torsionally rigid curved-tooth flange coupling has to meet a number of requirements – its primary task is to transmit the power reliably to allow the material handlers to perform the pending operations as requested. 



The coupling hub is made of steel, the flange toothing of carbon fibre reinforced nylon. This material combination provides the coupling with high dimensional stability even with temperatures up to 130 °C allowing for a long and maintenance-free permanent operation thanks to optimized coefficient of friction in the tooth combination. Due to its high torsion spring stiffness the coupling in addition makes sure that critical resonances are not generated, thus considerably contributing to the protection of the adjacent components and the overall power pack.

Copyright Sennebogen and KTR

Flange coupling - BoWex FLE-PAC

Temperature management in drilling fluid technology

The family-owned company Tracto-Technik manufactures special machines for underground laying and renewal of pipelines. The trenchless NODIG technique is applied when building pipe systems for water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, district heat, when networking fibre optic cables, building pipelines and for sewage disposal. The product portfolio includes drilling fluid rigs for passing under traffic and water routes. Apart from the mini drill rig GRUNDOPIT Tracto-Technik provides another seven machines type GRUNDODRILL. Type "28Nplus" is the biggest plant of the portfolio. It allows to drill holes up to a diameter of 900 mm and a drilling length of up to about 500 metres. A Cummins engine T4i having a power of 225 kW is responsible for driving and drilling operations of this drilling fluid rig. For cooling charge air and engine cooling water a multimedium cooler type MMC is used. The cooler was specificially designed for this type and was dimensioned in cooperation with Tracto-Technik.




[Translate to English:] Horizontalspülbohrverfahren (HDD) mit steuerbaren Bohrgeräten eignet ich für lange Strecken mit kurvigen Trassen und damit besonders für den Netzausbau.
combined cooler cooling system MMC by KTR Systems

Mining vehicles for special operations


The machine plant Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik develops special purpose vehicles for mining and tunnel construction. The product range comprises service and lifting platform vehicles, loaders, dumpers, shearing scalers and track maintenance vehicles.

The universal vehicles type MinCa are used for passenger and materials transport as well as for special operations and are able to take load capacities up to 3.0 t. The variable transport concept of this series provides for a basic vehicle the base platform of which different setups such as dynamite transport vehicles, water tank, fire engine, loading crane and platform or a service unit can be mounted on.

The I. C.-engine and variable displacement pump for the hydrostatic drive of the setup are connected by a KTR coupling. The connection is primarily responsible for reliable power transmission. Depending on the setup and requirements, either a torsionally rigid flange coupling type BoWex FLE-PA or a highly flexible flange coupling type BoWex-ELASTIC is installed here. 

If the mining vehicles are used for stationary applications with a poor content of fresh air, the drive switches to electric mode. A torsionally flexible jaw coupling type ROTEX combined with a bellhousing features the connection between electric motor and hydraulic pump. The cooling of charge air, cooling water and hydraulics is performed by a cooling system of the MMC series by KTR. The multiple circuit cooler is specifically selected for the vehicles of the MinCa series and approved for ambient temperatures up to 45 °C.

Copyright Hermann Paus and KTR

[Translate to English:] KTR Flanschkupplung - BoWex FLE-PA
[Translate to English:] KTR Flanschkupplung - BoWex-ELASTIC HE
combined cooler cooling system MMC by KTR Systems
[Translate to English:] ROTEX mit Pumpenträger für die Verbindung zwischen Elektromotor und Hydraulikpumpe

Adequate performance for ground screws

The new Krinner ground screw driver KRD 60 PV allows to anchor ground screws for solar systems reversibly into the ground. High torque, low weight and small mounting dimensions are significant for the compact machine both in the field and during transport. The power for inserting the ground screws is supplied by a Hatz 4H50TIC open power unit. The low-noise and water-cooled engine was designed pursuant to the downsizing technology and is relatively small and powerful (55 kW) with two litres of engine displacement and four cylinders. There are two other benefits of the open power version: The engine is already equipped with all auxiliary power packs and components such as cooler, tubing and electronics and is installed as an engine ready for use and fully inspected by the factory. 

For cooling charge air and engine cooling water a dual circuit combined cooler type MMC of KTR that was dimensioned in cooperation with Hatz is used. "In addition to sufficient cooling power, dimensions and weight were significant factors for planning the cooling system", Friedrich Peter, Head of Engine Designing with Hatz explained: "Specifically in mobile applications the mounting space is limited so that each centimetre counts. Weight is another focal subject. That is why the power density of the combined cooler is accordingly big." Part of the scope of delivery is a compact oil cooler that is installed laterally on the engine cooling the engine oil with the engine cooling water.

Copyright HATZ Motorenfabrik and KTR

combined cooler cooling system MMC by KTR Systems

Between nostalgia and environmental protection

The redesigned “New Bus for London” started service in February 2012. In line with the city’s goals of boosting London’s green image as well as noticeably reducing emissions, the most striking feature of the new buses was the new diesel hybrid motor retrofitted with the Vantage Power’s B320 Hybrid Retrofit system. Subsequently, Vantage Power’s retrofit systems aim at fuel savings of up to 40 percent by way of state-of-the-art lithium ion battery packs and advanced control system technologies.

The system’s powertrain uses a KTR BoWex 80 HE mounted between the combustion engine and electric generator. The flange coupling is designed to produce 136 kW engine output and a torque of up to 700 Nm. Its task is to dampen non-uniform circulation arising from the engine and to transmit the torque efficiently. The retrofit system generates power for the electric drive and conforms with Euro V and VI standards, produces less noise and vibration while promising a purely electric cruising range of four kilometres.

Copyright Vantage Power

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