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The backlash-free, torsionally rigid steel lamina couplings RADEX-N and RIGIFLEX-N meet with API 610 resp. 671 and allow for temperatures between -30 degrees and + 280 degrees thanks to their all-steel design.

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Steel lamina coupling RADEX-N by KTR Systems

steel lamina coupling RIGIFLEX-HP by KTR Systems


Steel lamina coupling for severely high speeds

The RIGIFLEX-HP responds to the industry’s trend of a continuously increasing level of performance and speed on pump drives, turbo compressors and boiler feed pumps. The torsionally rigid steel lamina coupling is available as a compact type C covering a high performance density and type L for large shaft diameters. The spacer installed by the factory allows for individual adaptation in the respective drive train thanks to variable lengths.

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Oil/air cooler OPC

  • High-performance cooler for a maximum static operating pressure of 26 bar
  • Driving motor 230 V/400 V IP55
  • Suitable for hydraulic oil, gear lubricant oil and lubricating oil

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cooling system OAC by KTR Systems


Oil/air cooler OAC

  • High-performance cooler net for a maximum static operating pressure of 26 bar in aluminium (Al)
  • Suitable for hydraulic oil, gear lubricant oil, lubricating oil, motor oil and water-glycine
  • Fan drive in 12 V, 24 V, 230 V/400 V and hydraulic drive

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  • Clamping forces of up to 1,400 kN
  • Sealed shafts for difficult ambient conditions
  • High power density

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brake system KTR STOP by KTR Systems




  • Easy assembly/disassembly by means of 4-off screws
  • Centering of both halves of the hubs through the fracture surface
  • There is no need to displace the power packs for assembly

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Hydraulic components

Building up real pressure: KTR hydraulic components are impressive on account of their precise design, high-grade craftsmanship, readily availability and favourable price.

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Munsch Pumpen - Plastic pump for chemistry

magnet pump of the CM series with double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H by KTR Systems

In the chemical industry, the applications focus on the fields of basic chemistry and fine chemicals. For these applications Munsch developed an armoured chemical series. Pumps with single and double mechanical seals as well as magnetically coupled pumps are used here.

The magnet pump of the CM series is used for the safe pumping of fluids posing an environmental or health hazard such as acids, alkalis, solvents and chemically contaminated fluids in the presence or in the absence of solids. Their hermetically sealed design makes them excellently suited to sensitive applications involving major hazards to humans and the environment.

Motor and pump are connected by a double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H with split hubs easily compensating for the temperature-related fluctuations in the system. The jaw coupling is made of cast iron and the hubs are divided into two halves by precise cracking. This results in an uneven surface with a positive fit ensuring an accurate fit of both halves. This production technology lays the foundation for a better ease of assembly specifically with space restricted applications. At the same time, it allows for a good access to the spider: There is no need for time-consuming disassembly or realignment of adjacent components.

Munsch magnet pump series CM
CM magnet pump by Munsch
double cardanic ROTEX-ZS-DKM-H by KTR Systems

Börger - Mobile pump for petrochemistry compliant with ATEX

The mobile pumps of company Börger are used in various fields: No matter if used in an oil refinery or chemical plant, with sewer renovation or in the flood area. Here each mobile power pack is produced for the respective application.

This mobile pump for petrochemistry is a special solution with both the pumps and control technology as well as the base frame with forklift pockets being supplied by the company Börger. The mobile pump is used for recirculation work and residual draining of storage tanks in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Naphta and various kinds of petrol are conveyed. A BLUEline rotary pump size FL 518 is used here. The pump is conveying between 20 and 100 m³/h with a differential pressure of up to 6 bar. The power pack is driven by an I. C.-engine having a power of 22 kW.

Utilising the same solution as the Munsch pump application above, a double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H with split hubs, the Börger pump system also enjoys the same vibration and misalignment handling benefits as well as reduced maintenance downtimes.

double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H jaw coupling damping vibrations with split hubs by KTR Systems in mobile pump
mobile pump by Börger with ROTEX ZS-DKM-H by KTR Systems
Börger mobile pump with double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H by KTR Systems
mobile pump with ROTEX ZS-DKM-H and split hubs by KTR Systems
mobile pump with double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H coupling by KTR Systems
mobile pump by Börger

Certification as a vital criterion

KTR has an extensive portfolio of drive components which are assessed and certified in accordance with EC standard ATEX 95, thus being suitable for the use in explosive locations. The portfolio also comprises those couplings which meet the special demands of the pump industry, including the comprehensive and demanding API standards 610, 671 and 685. Apart from the approvals already existing in the industry KTR is among the certified partners of Petroleum Development Oman. In addition the company located in Rheine has recently been accepted by Saudi Aramco to the elite circle of preferred suppliers which is proof of the high quality standard of the products made by KTR.

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