Reliable grip on deck

The „Triplex multi deck handler MDH“ is comparable with a portal system positioning the crane mounted on top along the x and Y axis on deck of working vessels. Its large lift and tow capacity makes the multi deck handler the crew’s perfect tool for handling large anchors, buoys and chains on deck.

To prevent the up to 20 tons heavy equipment from moving with strong swell, hydraulic brakes hold with clamping torques up to 203 kN and 542 kN firmly on the track. The brakes fix the crane, thus have to be strong, sturdy and reliable.

For Triplex KTR adapted type KTR-STOP YAW for special maritime applications: The high demand on corrosion protection resulted in the use of chemically nickel-plated brake components. In a close cooperation with Triplex the housing was provided with a special coating structure with offshore classification C5 M. Furthermore the yaw brake was adapted with special metallic-ceramic powder metal pads. 

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© Triplex AS
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The Classic Round Voyage

MS Richard With is one of 16 ships of the Norwegian shipping company Hurtigruten offering their guests a relaxing travel experience along the west coast of Norway. 590 passengers can book a place on MS Richard With. The ship built in a classic nautical style by the shipyard Volkswerft Stralsund has a length of 120 metres and is named in honour of the founder of Hurtigruten.  

The ship has a great deal to offer for the comfortable trip along a breathtaking scenery. „Enjoy the unforgettable views of the singular coastal landscape a major part of which still appears like in those days when the first Hurtigruten ships drove along here more than one decade ago“, the Norwegian shipping company located in Tromsø advertises.

This statement is reflected by the technical equipment of MS Richard With. As an example, bow thrusters facilitate manoeuvring and make landing and casting off smoother. The „steering assistance“ is supplied by BRUNVOLL located in Molde. The Norwegians specialized in marine drive and automation systems as well as bow thrusters including tunnel thrusters.  

Torsionally  flexible jaw couplings of the ROTEX series for torques up to 35,000 Nm as well as flexible pin & bush couplings of the series REVOLEX KX-D for torques up to 98,000 Nm are used­ as a connection element between motor and tunnel thruster. The elastomer damping elements in the couplings assume a vital feature for achieving a surplus in travel comfort. They uncouple the vibrations of the tunnel thrusters from the rest of the ship which you can feel and hear or not, as the case may be.

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GEARex all-steel gear coupling

GEARex® all-steel gear coupling

  • High power density

  • Torque up to 2,750,000 Nm

  • Operative range -20° C to +80° C

  • AGMA Standard 9008-B00




  • Easy assembly/disassembly by means of 4-off screws

  • Centering of both halves of the hubs through the fracture surface

  • There is no need to displace the power packs for assembly

  • Spider can be replaced without displacing the driving and the driven side

  • Specifically suitable for tight mounting spaces




  • Clamping forces of up to 15 kN

  • Drain line connections prevent leakage on the brake pad

  • Easy replacement of brake pads

  • Easy assembly of the brake by means of two screws



  • Clamping forces of up to 80 kN

  • Drain line connections prevent leakage on the brake pad

  • Brake pads from different materials available

  • Easy replacement of brake pads

  • Suitable for harsh ambient conditions

    KTR-STOP® S-xx-F



  • Clamping forces of up to 130 kN

  • Short reaction periods subject to the short distance between brake pad and brake disc as well as the low oil volume

  • Big pad surface resulting in small surface pressure, low wear of pads and low temperature

  • Low maintenance expenses because of a few mobile components only



  • Single: »stop«, »block« or »turn«

  • Double: »stop and block«, »stop and turn« or »block and turn«

  • Triple: »stop, block and turn«

  • Redundant safety limit switches

  • Easy replacement of brake pads

  • All common supply voltages of drives available

  • Control with local operation and interface to the bridge


Oil/air cooler OAC eco

  • Energy-efficient high-performance cooler for 24 V drives

  • Continuously variable speed control

  • Max. cooling power 25 kW with a temperature difference of 40 °C

  • Self-cleaning activated by button

  • Suitable for hydraulic oil, gear lubricant oil, lubricating oil, motor oil and water-glycine

  • Low sound pressure level

    OAC eco

Oil-/air cooler OPC

Oil-/air cooler OPC

  • High-performance cooler for a maximum static operating pressure of 26 bar

  • Driving motor 230 V/400 V IP55

  • Suitable for hydraulic oil, gear lubricant oil and lubricating oil

  • Easy maintenance and good options for cleaning


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