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Exhibition Centre Hanover
30521 Hanover

Opening Hours:
daily from 09:00 am - 06:00 pm

Triotrac New Edition self-propelled feed mixer

The rebuilt Triotrac self-propelled feed mixer by Trioliet was designed for use in larger cattle farms from about 120 livestock units. Approximately 1,400 kg of grass can be loaded per minute with an unloading height of 6 metres. The capacity with corn is about 3,000 kg per minute. About 130 cows can be fed within a quarter of an hour. The Triotrac is available in three different sizes covering a capacity of 17, 20 and 24 m³.

A 4 cylinder common rail diesel engine by JCB Power Systems with 120 kW, IIIA provides for the necessary power. A tailor-made MMC multiple-circuit cooler of KTR ensures cooling of charge air, cooling water and hydraulic oil.


Stapel GmbH develops, manufactures, repairs and distributes agricultural machines for use in the field and farmland. The portfolio comprises slurry tankers, distribution systems, dumpers, transport trailers, suction vehicles, containers, hook lifts and special purpose vehicles.

The specialist for agricultural machinery assigned KTR with the production of transport containers for triaxle trailers. The circular containers have a capacity of 30,000 litres and were equipped with optimized wall thickness for weight reduction. They were manufactured by manual welding technique and are provided with high-quality coating inside and outside.

New cooler production plant

[Translate to English:] KTR Kühlerfabrik in Jiaxing

In October 2018 we started the production of high-quality cooling systems used as multimedium coolers (MMC) in construction and agricultural machines or as oil/air coolers in stationary hydraulics in our new manufacturing hall at KTR’s Jiaxing site. Since the middle of the year we have started series production of MMC coolers.

The state-of-the-art machinery allows to manufacture even small batches at a highly automated and thus consistently high quality level. Condition is the close cooperation between our experts at KTR’s headquarters and the manufacturing specialists in Jiaxing. The engineering of the coolers is performed in Rheine which includes both special designs and standard solutions. Production takes place in Jiaxing only.

With the new cooler production plant we emphasize our self-imposed expansion policy for China. The new plant for couplings and brakes commenced operations in Jiaxing as late as 2016. The area comprising a total of 30,000 square metres combines the fields of production, assembly and logistics as well as R & D services for selected product segments. Our plans provide for establishing Jiaxing as a production and logistics site in the long run to supply all of East Asia and South-East Asia as well as Australia with customized drive solutions.

Fin production for inside and outside fin
Cleaning system for single parts
Leakage test of the coolers
Robot welding system with rotating table
Stacking device for the cores
High-temperature vacuum soldering furnace / max. temperature: 615° C
Charge carrier for the cores
Semi-automatic welding
Automatic packing device in the fin punching system

New generation of self-propelled mixer wagons


„Sherpa“ by Strautmann is the starter model into self-propelled fodder mixing technology. The machine has a usable mixing capacity from 12 to 14 m3 combining picking-up, mixing and feeding with one machine. It has a compact design and is easy to manoeuvre due to the rear swing axle, thus particularly suitable for narrow yards.

The Sherpa is driven by a 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine of John Deere emission level IV having a power of 104 kW. A tailor-made multiple-circuit cooler type MMC by KTR ensures optimal temperature control of charge air, cooling water, hydraulic oil and fuel.



[Translate to English:] KTR Kombi-Kühler MMC

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