High-performance machinery for agricultural irrigation

Euromacchine S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of motor pumps and systems for agricultural irrigation. The portfolio includes mobile and stationary pump assemblies as well as accessories for individual adaptation of pump units.

The mobile stations are equipped with I. C.-engines of various well-known manufacturers. A tailor-made flange coupling type BoWex-ELASTIC is installed between engine and centrifugal pump connecting the engine flywheel to the pump shaft. The highly flexible coupling has variable-speed properties compensating for displacements and reducing critical torsional vibrations. It is assembled following the plug & play procedure: In this case the coupling merely needs to be fixed to the engine flywheel and the hub has to be shifted onto the pump shaft.

In contrast to that a flexible ROTEX coupling is used on the electrical self-priming pumps between electric motor and pump shaft. The jaw-type coupling is characterized by small dimensions, low weight and low mass moments of inertia while transmitting high torques ensuring a power transmission damping torsional vibrations.


Receiving hoppers and store loaders by GRIMME

Grimme’s storage technology is characterized by numerous ideas and innovations. Part of the product portfolio are receiving hoppers and store loaders. The sturdy and powerful machines are variable in use, ensure a gentle product handling and can easily be operated. Chassis, conveyors and swivel units are driven electrohydraulically. Depending on size, the motors have a power of 11 and 15 kW.

Mounted in the hydraulic power pack, a jaw-type coupling ROTEX size 28 connects the electric motor to the hydraulic pump. The shaft coupling compensates for displacements ensuring a torsional vibration damping power transmission covering torques up to 95 Nm. The coupling hub on the motor side has a taper bore and a feather keyway, while a clamping hub with spline is used on the pump side.

For cooling the oil in the hydraulic power pack, a fan is mounted on the motor shaft the air flow of which is led through the cooling laminas with no need for a separate drive. Both types are supplied by KTR being installed in a corrosion-resistant housing.


The receiving hoppers the series RH 20 - 28 with their maximum volume of 9.5 m3 to maximum 28 m3 are ideal for filling from rear tippers.
The store loaders the series SL 125-145 are the low cost beginners with 12.5 m or 14.5 m range and 65 cm wide belt.
The store loaders the series SL 80 Quantum are the low cost beginners with 18 m, 20 m or 22 m range and 80 cm wide belt convinced with their convenient operation and high storage performance.

Self-propelled diet feeders by Lucas G

The range of self-propelled diet feeders with vertical auger comprises the two series Autospire Classic and Autospire Performance covering six models in total. The diet feeders are driven hydrostatically having a capacity from 12 to 24 m³. Our components are used in three positions in total on the two Autospire models:

1.) Torsionally rigid flange coupling BoWex FLE-PA with steel housing between Deutz enging (type TCD 4.1 L6: 115 kW, 2,400 rpm, max. torque 610 Nm or TCD 6.1 L6: 180 kW, 2,300 rpm, max. torque 1,000 Nm) and hydrostatic pumps.

2.) Torsionally flexible jaw-type coupling ROTEX between hydraulic motor and conveyor belt filling the mixing container with silage.

3.) Torsionally rigid steel lamina coupling RADEX-N between hydraulic motor and rotary grinder. The special design compensates for high angular displacements and radial forces making a bearing on the motor side superfluous.


Self-propelled diet feeders by Lucas G

Central tyre inflation system by Steuerungstechnik StG

Specifically with heavy agricultural machinery adapting the tyre pressure is useful. During the field work a central tyre inflation system, in brief: tyre control system, reduces the tyre pressure. The extended tyre contact area reduces the soil pressure causing the tyre not to push along the soil, but roll over it. This increases both the efficiency with the field work and the driving comfort. If the vehicle changes onto the road, the tyre control system fills the tyres to the level of compressed air for roads. This measure stabilizes the tyre flanks, increases the carrying capacity while ensuring a high tracking accuracy along with a high driving stability. Steuerungstechnik StG located in Hilter is a specialist on this subject. Their control systems ensure the right tyre pressure.  

A tailor-made unit of coupling and cooler is used on the interface of hydro motor and compressor. The ROTEX shaft coupling compensates for displacements while ensuring torsionally vibration damping power transmission. For cooling the compressor oil a cooler was integrated in the coupling system. For that purpose a fan is screwed on the coupling hub on the driven side. Without using any separate drive an air flow is generated which is led through the cooling laminas, thus cooling the oil circuit in the screw compressor. The unit is mounted in a corrosion-resistant and compact housing, also provided by our company. 

ROTEX   Cooling system PIK



Central tyre inflation system by Steuerungstechnik StG

The tyre control systems by StG are irresistant to dirt and icing operating smoothly even with sub-zero temperatures.
Tridem vehicles are equipped with a main line and a control valve in 1“. The air flow is optionally made via the wings or the axis.
When driving on the road a higher tyre pressure ensures safe road handling.
Compressors driven hydraulically are mounted for 95 %, since they can be mounted regardless of the mechanical drive train conveying between 2000 and 3600 litres of air per minute, depending on the type.
We exhibit the full-size central tyre inflation system by StG on the occasion of the Agritechnica: hall 17, booth H05

ROTEX couplings used in the PremiumFlow belt cutting systems by Zürn

We developed a tailor-made coupling solution for the PremiumFlow series. Its basis was a standard ROTEX size 28 with split hubs, taper bore and feather keyway. This type allows for radial assembly and disassembly of the coupling with no need for shifting adjacent components. Thus, an option is provided for dismounting individual belt segments. Compared to the catalogue version we reduced the coupling hubs to the minimum length to keep the distance between the belt strap segments as small as possible. The result is a maximum belt strap surface optimizing the crop flow and creating the condition for a tight seal between the individual conveyor segments.

Read the full article here


KTR couplings used in belt cutting systems (© Zürn)

The reduced coupling hubs keep the distance between the belt strap segments as low as possible. The combination of a nonpositive and positive-locking shaft-hub-connection ensures the transmission of high torques with a small mounting space.
The Premium Flow cutting system with active crop conveying raises the threshing capacity of a combine harvester by up to 15 per cent.
Perfect feeding of the cutting system forms the basis of high output. The active crop flow always supplies the corn optimally to the threshing unit.
The coupling in the belt conveyor drive can be mounted and dismounted radially with no need for shifting or removing adjacent components. This provided for the option of dismounting individual belt conveyor segments.
Having an operating width of 12.20 metres, the cutter bar 640PF is the biggest model of the „PremiumFlow“ series adapted to John Deere’s large combine harvesters.

PMC Harvester 1089 for peas and beans

The flange coupling BoWex 125 HE is assembled between an engine which is a Scania six-cylinder diesel engine DC13 with a power rating of 330 kW and a power take-off gearbox. The gearbox is driving the hydraulic pump for the hydrostatic drives providing the harvester with its variable speed that it needs to operate in a large variety of harvesting conditions. Apart from that, the hydraulic system is responsible for driving all of the harvesting functions and auxiliary functions such as steering and self-levelling of the harvester. The highly flexible BoWex was designed for this harvester’s operating conditions, transmitting torques up to 4,000 Nm, compensating for misalignment in the drive system and protecting against vibrations.

BoWex HE

BoWex used for PMC's Pea Harvester (© PMC harvester)

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