Measuring displacements during operation

Generation of heat or settling effects in the machine may cause unexpectedly big shaft displacements between motor and pump respectively compressor. One result may be that the shaft coupling no longer compensates for big displacements, is damaged and fails. The consequence is a sudden standstill of the machine which will cost the user dear. As a preventive measure the alignment of the drive train needs to be regularly inspected. For that purpose the machine has to be stopped which results in standstill costs. It is true that such procedure reduces the risk of failure, but does not avoid it, since often displacements are generated only when the machine is operating. The shaft displacements are no longer measurable at standstill.

With the „Coupling Alignment Scan“, in brief: CAS, we will present you a system permanently monitoring the radial and angular displacements of the coupling while signalling serious shaft displacements immediately on the occasion of the ACHEMA. In addition CAS provides for the option of recording the process of displacements in order to retrace loads with various operating conditions. The system consists of a double-cardanic steel lamina coupling in combination with a sensor. In this case the sensor measures the direction and extent of shaft displacements calculating the displacement figures of the coupling.

Main applications are as follows:

• chemistry/petrochemistry
• oil/gas
• hot water and heat media
• energy technology
• wastewater technology 

Easy assembly and disassembly saving time and costs

Steel lamina coupling RIGIFLEX-N A-H

  • Radial assembly of the semi-shells via clamping screws

  • Fitting the complete unit onto the shafts

  • Anti-fly feature according to API671

KTR in Cooling Towers

Wertech s.a.s. Engineering and Procurement Service Provider from Italy, has used KTR Drive Shafts in RADEX-N composite coupling with 2700 to 6400 mm length in Cooling Towers between electric motor and gear reducer that is driven the axial flow fan of tower, without any additional intermediate support bearing it in the both concrete and FRP structured cooling towers.

The backlash-free coupling with a spacer made of carbon fibre is suitable for large shaft distance dimensions without any additional intermediate bearing. The severely stiff laminas allow for compensating for high displacements with low restoring forces.

Copyright Wertech

Plastic pump for chemistry

In the chemical industry, the applications focus on the fields of basic chemistry and fine chemicals. For these applications Munsch developed an armoured chemical series. Pumps with single and double mechanical seals as well as magnetically coupled pumps are used here.

The magnet pump of the CM series is used for the safe pumping of fluids posing an environmental or health hazard such as acids, alkalis, solvents and chemically contaminated fluids in the presence or in the absence of solids. Their hermetically sealed design makes them excellently suited to sensitive applications involving major hazards to humans and the environment.

Motor and pump are connected by a double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H with split hubs easily compensating for the temperature-related fluctuations in the system. The jaw coupling damping vibrations is made of cast iron and the hubs are divided into two halves by precise cracking. This results in an uneven surface with a positive fit ensuring an accurate fit of both halves. This production technology lays the foundation for a better ease of assembly specifically with narrow conditions. At the same time, it allows for a good access to the spider: There is no need for time-consuming disassembly of adjacent components.

ROTEX and POLY-NORM bring the connection

The product portfolio of the pump manufacturer Becker includes oil-free and oil-lubricated vacuum pumps and compressors in combination with standard flange motors used both in machines in the wood processing industry and packaging industry. 

The oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps comprise, among others, KVT 3.80 with integrated suction filter, vacuum control valve and relief valve. The pump with oil-free operation processes a suction air rate of up to 78.5 m³/h with a motor power of 60 Hz.

Another member of the product family is VTLF 2.250, also being equipped with integrated suction filter and relief valve and in addition with vacuum relief valve. With a motor power of 60 Hz the suction air rate is 286 m³/h.

ROTEX and POLY-NORM are used for transmitting the torque from the motor to the rotating components, e. g. piston or impeller. The axially flexible, fail-safe couplings are suitable for axial plug-in and characterized by a short design. While the ROTEX transmits torques of up to 35,000 Nm, the maximum torque transmission of POLY-NORM is 67,000 Nm.

The 4th generation of screw compressors

BOGE has recently launched the fourth generation of series S into the market via the S-4 models. The new screw compressors will be available with motor powers of 110, 132 and 160 kW for the time being – optionally as a basic compressor with integrated gearbox, directly coupled or directly coupled with frequency control. Moreover, BOGE provides the types with 110 KW as other variants – with gearbox and dryer, directly coupled with dryer or directly coupled with dryer and frequency control. Depending on the type the models operate at a maximum pressure between 7.5 and 13 bar reaching an effective volume between 5.5 and 27.6 m3/min. Other S-4-models sizes 55 to 110 kW as well as types with a direct drive and integrated gearbox are to follow with the next stage of development.

Heart of the S-4-series is the „IntegrateDrive“ compressor stage with integrated gearbox. By using a bellhousing made of nodular iron gearbox and and motor shaft are optimally and solidly aligned to each other. The two shafts are connected via a fail-safe coupling series POLY-NORM AR. The shaft coupling damping torsional vibrations is suitable for axial plug-in, easy to assemble and maintenance-free with short dimensions.

Copyright Boge

Mobile pump for petrochemistry compliant with ATEX

The mobile pumps of company Börger are used in various fields: No matter if used in an oil refinery or chemical plant, with sewer renovation or in the flood area. Here each mobile power pack is produced for the respective application.

This mobile pump for petrochemistry is a special solution with both the pumps and control technology as well as the base frame with forklift pockets being supplied by the company Börger. The mobile pump is used for recirculation work and residual draining of storage tanks in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. Naphta and various kinds of petrol are conveyed. A BLUEline rotary pump size FL 518 is used here. The pump is conveying between 20 and 100 m³/h with a differential pressure of up to 6 bar. The power pack is driven by an I. C.-engine having a power of 22 kW.

Motor and pump are connected by a double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H with split hubs easily compensating for the temperature-related fluctuations in the system. The jaw coupling damping vibrations is made of cast iron and the hubs are divided into two halves by precise cracking. This results in an uneven surface with a positive fit ensuring an accurate fit of both halves. This production technology lays the foundation for a better ease of assembly specifically with narrow conditions. At the same time it allows for a good access to the spider: There is no need for time-consuming disassembly of adjacent components.

Copyright Börger

double-cardanic ROTEX ZS-DKM-H jaw coupling damping vibrations with split hubs by KTR Systems in mobile pump

High-performance machinery for agricultural irrigation

Euromacchine S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of motor pumps and systems for agricultural irrigation. The portfolio includes mobile and stationary pump assemblies as well as accessories for individual adaptation of pump units.

The mobile stations are equipped with I. C.-engines of various well-known manufacturers. A tailor-made flange coupling type BoWex-ELASTIC HE3/HE4 is installed between engine and centrifugal pump connecting the engine flywheel to the pump shaft. The highly flexible coupling has variable-speed properties compensating for displacements and reducing critical torsional vibrations. It is assembled following the plug & play procedure: In this case the coupling merely needs to be fixed to the engine flywheel and the hub has to be shifted onto the pump shaft.

In contrast to that a flexible ROTEX coupling is used on the electrical self-priming pumps between electric motor and pump shaft. The jaw-type coupling is characterized by small dimensions, low weight and low mass moments of inertia while transmitting high torques ensuring a power transmission damping torsional vibrations.

Copyright Euromacchine

RS-PRO screw compressors – compact, high-performance and tough

RENNER Kompressoren provide compressed air systems for industry and trade. The product portfolio includes screw compressors, piston compressors and oil-free SCROLL compressors as well as units with frequency control or direct drive.

Oil-injected screw compressors covering a defined power range allow for a state-of-the-art and highly efficient kind of compressed air generation. RENNER is dedicated to this compression principle. The screw compressors with asymmetric profile are designed for powerful industrial operation. When developing the new “RS-PRO” and “RSF-PRO” series the focus was placed on powerful compressed air supply with few space required and easy access to the maintenance parts. As an example, the model series “RSDKF-PRO” is equipped with compressed air receivers, frequency control, pre-filter frame, refrigeration dryer and electronic control RENNERtronic. The performance range extends from 5.5 - 11 kW with a final pressure up to 15 bar.

For cooling compressed air and hydraulics a double-circle cooling system series MMC by KTR is used mounted between compressor and compressed air receiver. Our specialists of the business unit »Engineered Business« account for the selection.

Copyright Renner

All-rounder centrifugal pumps by C.D.R.

The product portfolio of the Italian pump manufacturer C.D.R. Pompe S.r.l. includes magnetic couplings and centrifugal pumps with shaft seal used both in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector and refinery industry, technical textile industry and water treatment.

Series CCL covers a horizontal, single-stage centrifucal pump coated with nylon with shaft seal in a block design or free shaft end. The sealing pump is supplied completely with bottom, joint, coupling cover and electric motor and is suitable for corrosive, aggressive and hazardous liquids such as fertilizer processing, biodiesel, air treatment and desalination. In order to be suitable for high performance as well, the series is equipped with a special bearing support.

The torsionally flexible shaft coupling type POLY-NORM AZR is mounted between motor and centrifugal pump combining the driving shaft with the pump shaft. The fail-safe coupling is equipped with a spacer ensuring replacement of the flexible coupling element without dismounting pump or motor from the base plate.

Copyright C.D.R. Pompe

Rotary vane pumps for miscellaneous applications

Leybold GmbH based in Cologne is part of the Atlas Copco group providing vacuum solutions for production and analysis procedures as well as for purpose of the research. The portfolio includes oil sealed slide vane rotary vacuum pumps used in all sectors of vacuum technology. They serve for pressure generation in the low vacuum and fine vacuum range or as a backing pump in combination with Roots pumps or high vacuum pumps. Slide vane rotary vacuum pumps are available as a single-stage or double-stage type the ultimate pressure range of which is different depending on the type. These pumps include, among others, series TRIVAC B.

The standard types of series TRIVAC B from D 4 B to D 25 B are available with 1- or 3-phase motors. The D 40 and D 65 B pumps are equipped with 3-phase motors. Apart from that all pumps of series B can be obtained without a motor. A flexible ROTEX coupling is used between motor and pump. The compact jaw coupling is characterized by small dimensions, low centrifugal moments with transmission of high torques ensuring power transmission while damping torsional vibrations.

Copyright Leybold

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